Friday, 13 July 2012

Add Glamour with Scarf Necklaces

Do you often agonise over whether to wrap a scarf or wear a necklace with your dress before rushing out for a dinner or while going to work? No more debate as  women all over the globe are using a hybrid fashion accessory to take their style statements one notch higher. These are `scarf necklaces' and are stylised in different ways. They can be made of ribbons, fabrics, beads, crystals and so on.  See how you can convert your old vintage scarf into a necklace or put your beads to use to create a new accessory for you or to present as a gift?

Scarf Necklace

Necklush Neckpiece Lavender
Voluminous Scarf Necklace

Dark Grey/Gold Neckpiece 

Coralline Scarf Necklace

Heart Pendant
Urban Renewal Scarf Necklace

Beaded Scarf

Italian Ribbon Thread Necklace

Unique Necklace

Trendy Scarf/Lariat

Mocha Felt Rose Scarf Necklace

Blue Circular Scarf
Vintage Scarf Necklace
Natural Agate Scarf Jewellery
Scarf and Wood Gypsy Necklace

Silver Rose Scarf Necklace

Purple Beaded Necklace
Beaded Neutral Necklace Scarf

Summer Necklace Scarf

Pashmina Scarf Necklace
Beaded Fringes

Pendant Scarf
Knit Scarf Necklace
Victorian Crocheted Scarf Necklace


  1. Love the first two creations! Where can I get them? ♥

  2. Calliopia, you can follow the links given in the caption of each image to find out where you can have them. :)

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