Monday, 17 October 2011

Judith Leiber: Eye-popping Bags

When I first eyed Judith Leiber's crystal embellished, hand-crafted bags some years back, like many others I was totally awe-struck. Though I can ill-afford these super-expensive bags, there is no reason that I cannot feast my senses and appreciate their aesthetic appeal and quirky shapes.

Statistics say that these bags have been to so many parties that probably you and many of us jointly have not attended. The whimsical shapes and magnificent craftsmanship of these bags have made them regulars at red carpet events with stars and celebrities. The stone encrusted bags in the shape of peacock, cat, dog, heart, owl, rose, rabbit, fish etc are crafted with meticulous detail and loaded with unmatched style.

You may love them or just hate them-- but you can't ignore them.

Maharaj Clutch

Budapest-born Judith had launched her line in 1963 and since then she has added splendid jewellery, belts, eye wear, key chains, pill boxes etc to her kitty. Interestingly, she has brought out Gnaesh and Maharaj clutches, eyeing a chunk of evolving Indian market.

Ganesh Clutch

Ladybug Clutch

Cupcake Clutch

Habibi Clutch

Black Sea Clutch

Macau Clutch

Nero Clutch


New York Clutch

Wilbur Clutch

Rose Clutch

Grand Duchess

Blue Bows Clutch

Zima Clutch

Aubergine Clutch

Golden Koi

Wildcat Clutch

Tulipa Clutch

Taylor Clutch

Humphrey Clutch

Theodore Clutch

Tunis Clutch

These ultra-rich handbags, that are also flaunted by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Taylor and Nancy Reagan, and considered pieces of art, have also been honoured by the Costume Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

And now a few jewellery pieces designed by Leiber:

Deco Cuff

Glimmering Pattern

Maharishi Ring

Starlet Cuff

Ladybug Lariat

If ordinary things bore you and you shun the mundane-- these are just right for you. So break the bank or save hard to covet one of these outstanding pieces!! Or just drool like me !!

 Via: Judith Leiber

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