Thursday, 20 October 2011

Jewelled Insect Craft

Cartier Butterfly

If you abhor all crawly creepies, you will change your opinion once you set your sight on these insect jewllery pieces. Insects have inspired designers for centuries, who have shaped pendants, brooches, rings etc in the shape of bugs, bees, dragonflies, butterflies and other insects.

Here are some jewelled insects-- both vintage and modern-- to appease your senses.

Oscar de la renta crystal bug cuff

...And Matching Brooch

Cartier  Insect Ring

Ladybug Key Chain

Lanvin Collar


Trifari Jewelled Jelly Belly Bug Pin
Cartier Ladybug Ring

Cartier Insect Pendant


Antique Dragonfly from Adin

Crystal Rhinestone Topaz Beettle Bug

Chaumet Butterfly

Bronze Insects

Green Eyed Monster

Crystal Rhinestone Black Spider

Lanvin Cuff
Carol Marie Snake Arm Cuff

Tarina Taratino Black Widow Ring

Insect Cuff

Mosquito Cuff
Philippa Insect Holland
Philippa Holland Butterfly Ring

Bergdorf Goodman

Kenneth Jay Lane Cuff

...And In Black

Trifari Jelly Belly Bug

Peep inside the book "Jeweled Bugs and Butterflies" with these pictures.....

Some more jewels.......

Bug Safari


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