Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Stunning Tribal Sarees of Orissa

India is rich in its heritage and culture. And this is evident in India's rich tradition of textiles as well. Of the 29 states of the country, each have atleast one distinct style of textile. Some states have even developed a variety of styles, designs and materials. This is primarily evident in the traditional Indian sarees. And natural fibres are the most popular choice of the elite as well as the common women on the roads.

Orissa's Kotpad region has one such typical style of sarees and dupattas (longer stoles).  Kotpad is situated in the Koraput district of Orissa. Weavers of tribal-domianted  Kotpad use vegetable dyes prepared from the bark of Aal trees, without any chemical fixing.

These sarees/dupattas mostly have red or black temple borders, all over red background with brown borders and a sprinkling of `butties' bird, animal and fish motifs. Available in both vibrant andmuted shades and colour combinations, these sarees are ideal for any occasion. And of course, go for chunky jewellery for a sophisticated look.

Kotpad Tussar

Cream-Pink Kotpad Tussar Saree
Kotpad Dupatta
Cream and aal brown cottoon saree
Kotpad yellow dupatta
Brown Dupatta
Tribal cotton tussar stole
Elegant pink-red stole

Habaspuri Sarees/Dupattas

Habaspuri Tussar

Dupatta in bright red

Siminoi Indigo Royal Tussar Cotton saree



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