Friday, 6 January 2012

Stay Stylish and Glamourous After 40

Hitting 40s is no reason to feel old, grumpy or frumpy. This is the time when most women have more free time to look after themselves as the children and husband are busy with their lives and need lesser attention. And this is also the time when our skin and figure need more attention. But most often, many women lose interest in looking good by the time they turn 40 and manage with boring and casual clothes!!

So, get out of the rut and create a smart and elegant wardrobe for yourself. If you keep yourself well-groomed, you will not only feel more confident but definitely happier. So do experiment with colour and new styles, modify them to match your age and body and go out to conquer the world! Do not forget to change your hairstyle and glasses for a makeover.

I love the styles of JoJami Tyler and Deborah Boland, who have been giving priceless tips as to how to look glamorous after 40. Their mantra for women over 40 is to get out of the comfort zone of predictable dressing and select clothes that are in sync with your personality. Here I present some simple styles featured in their site Fabulous After 40, which I feel almost all of us can try and create our unique style!

Three stylish looks with a simple striped Tee.

So which of these styles do you love?
Do try all the three for an image makeover.


Do not be afraid to add colour and print to your wardrobe after a certain age, several fashion experts urge.

JoJamie looking chic

Yeah these colours will surely make you look younger as will the outfits.

Do not forget the accessories....

Incorporate an animal printed accessory

Use scarves to cover lines and wrinkles in your neck

Look seductive in a scarf and wide legged pants

The vibrant colours make Deborah's face glowing

Maxi dresses

Flowing maxi-dress

Legging style after 40

More leggings

So what are you waiting for?

Dress up with love and care but keep your age in mind. Spend time over yourself to look stylish and glam. You will surely invite appreciative glances!!

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