Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tribal Jewellery and Traditional Sarees by Mahua

 She is a very friendly, unpretentious and  easy-going person and am sure has lots of friends and well-wishers. But I am mentioning her here because she is an immensely talented designer-- working both with textile and a silver jewellery. I have been meeting Mahua Sarkar Sen at Mumbai's Coomarswamy Hall every year during the Pause for a Cause Exhibition. Connoisseurs flock to her stall for the handwoven traditional sarees in natural materials and ethnic silver baubles. She designs the sarees herself and scouts the different parts of the country, especially Gujarat and Uttaranchal, to collect her silver jewellery. These, at times, she remodifies with beads and tassels to make them more contemporary and stylish.  The blouse pieces, dupattas, and borders that she sells are also unique. And yes, she is my namesake...

So, if you fancy traditional sarees and chunky silver jewellery, keep an eye for Mahua's next exhibitions here. 
Do not miss the interesting blouse pieces that she sells separately.
Her tagline is : Anti-Fashion, Pro-Style.

Here is a glimpse of Mahua's exquisite tribal jewellery collection:

And here are her sarees:
Tussar Kalamkari

Veg Block Printed Tussar Saree

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Kalamkari Crepe
Kalamkari Crepe

Kalamkari Khadi
 Find Mahua Sarkar Sen here.

Photo Credits:
First 4 Silver Jewellery pics are taken by me. Rest of the jewellery and saree photos are taken from Mahua Sarkar Sen's Facebook  profile. Please give credit if using pictures from here and link back.

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